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Mission Statement

The Round Lake Spartan Football and Cheerleading program will introduce the fundamentals of both sports along with creating a safe and positive experience that is organized and fun.  The focus of the instruction will be on sportsmanship, team work, and responsibility.  



The Round Lake Spartan Football and Cheerleading Organization is a member of the TCYFL ( and is to boys and girls grades K-8.   


The organization is instructional in nature and no prior experience is necessary to enroll.  While competition is a natural part of the program, we strive to create a positive experience for all participants.  The goal of the Round Lake Spartans is to provide all of the necessary skills to prepare young athletes for high school football and cheerleading.


Football Organization


Flag football is a non-competitive program in which scores and standings are not kept. Games will be played on Saturday’s and practice will be held once per week. Flag football is open to 5 and 6 year olds. Games will begin in mid August and end in mid October. Schedules will be released once practice begins in early August. Football cleats and strapless mouthpiece are required. Football cleats must be plastic or rubber spikes (metal spikes are not allowed).



The Round Lake Spartans are the feeder program for high school district # 116. Five levels exist for the tackle football programs*: Bantam, Featherweight, Middleweight, Lightweight and Heavyweight. Participation is based on age and weight.  Tackle football is open for children between the ages of 8 and 14 as of September 1, 2021.  Football cleats, mouthpiece, girdle/girdle pads and athletic cup are required and are the responsibility of the parents to purchase. Football cleats must be plastic or rubber spikes (metal cleats are not allowed). Mouthpiece must be colored (not clear) and have a strap which attaches to the helmet. Levels are subject to change per league requirements.



NOTE: All participants in the tackle football program must be weighed-in before each game. Weigh-ins will occur approximately 1 hour before your child’s scheduled game, or half time of the game prior.    NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is a TCYFL rule and any participant that misses the weigh-in cannot play until the next weigh-in (game).




Cheerleading Organization

Our sideline program (known as Sideline Cheers) is a non-competitive cheer program. These squads represent our football teams and perform at scrimmage, regular season and play-off games.    Squad assignment is based on grade level and number of registrants.


Game schedules are created and managed by the TCYFL. Once game schedules are distributed, we will inform each squad of game dates/times. 



Game Schedules, Practices and Practice Locations

Game schedules are created and managed by the TCYFL.  The practice schedules are set up by the Spartans and are subject to availability of field permits (school activities take priority over Spartan events). Practices are held outside unless foul weather, available gym space, or a specific need (like watching film) exists.  For football; any practice cancellations due to weather will happen at the practice field.  For cheerleading; notice will be given by the team parent or head coach. If you are not contacted directly by the coach or team parent expect to practice. 




Sideline Cheer

Participation on one of our Sideline Cheers is a great way to introduce new athletes to the sport of cheerleading. Practice will take place once a week and game schedules will be given once TCYFL announces the schedule for the 2018 season. Additional practices may be held early in the season based on coaches’ discretion.  Parents are responsible for purchasing all white shoes for game day.





Football and cheer participants are expected to attend all practices and games regardless of weather. Excused absences and tardiness are allowed and will not affect your participation time. A late participant will be required to review missed material. Unexcused absences from practice may result in disciplinary action which depends on the severity and regularity of the infraction.  No special considerations will be made due to the ability of the participant.



Cheerleaders and Football Players:

Participants are expected to be attentive, respectful, and execute their instructions.  Failing to do so causes lost instructional time and is unfair to the other participants.  Repeat offenders are less likely to participate during games due to safety reasons or possible disciplinary actions.



Please do not distract your child during practice. Allow the coaching staff to perform their duties.  Wait until the conclusion of practice or game to address concerns or to offer comments to the coaching staff.  Non-supportive actions including taunting, profanity, unconstructive criticism, etc directed at coaches, teammates, or visiting opponents will not be tolerated.  Such behavior by anyone is subject to board discipline up to and including ejection from all Spartan events.  Should you have issues with a member of the coaching staff please follow these procedures: 


  1. Talk to the coach to make them aware of the fact that you have a problem and give the coach a chance to address the problem and solve it.
  2. If the coach does not handle the complaint or you are not comfortable talking with the coach bring the complaint to  the respective coordinator (football or cheer coordinator) 
  3. If you still have complaints after speaking with the coach and the coordinator, a meeting will be set up with you, the coach, the coordinator, and the Vice President of the respective program (football or cheer).
  4. If after you meet with the people involved you are still not satisfied you may request that the Spartan Board hear your complaint.  The board will listen to your complaint, discuss it and make a  decision.  The board’s decision is final.


If you are not satisfied by the board’s decision you have the option to remove your child from the program. Refunds will be based solely on our refund policy.



Refund requests must be received in writing to


  • Football-refunds prior to 7/28/2021 will be given at 50% of the total registration fee. No refunds will be given after 7/28/2021. The 50% deposit fee is not refundable.
  • Cheer-refunds prior to 8/1/2021 will be given at 50% of the total registration fee. No refunds will be given after 8/1/2021. The 50% deposit fee is not refundable.




The Round Lake Spartans is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Illinois. We receive no tax dollars nor do we receive financial support from the area park districts. Our organization is funded entirely by the generous donations of our sponsors, registration fees paid by our participants and fundraisers.
Each participant will be issued 60 tickets which can be sold for $1.00 each to recoup your costs or returned with the parent’s information for the drawing. These tickets are non refundable and a mandatory fundraiser for the organization.  


Equipment/Uniform Deposit Fees


Tackle Football $250.00                                   Sideline Cheer $250.00                        


Each child is required to pay a deposit fee when equipment/uniform is issued. This is not charged and will be returned once the equipment/uniform is returned in satisfactory condition and on the assigned return date. Return dates are assigned at the end of the season. It is up to the parents to make sure that equipment/uniforms are turned in on those dates and not to the coaches. Failure to return the uniforms on the turn in date will result in your credit card being charged.


If your child decides not to participate in the program once equipment has been issued, you will have seven (7) calendar days to turn in the equipment. If not returned, the credit card used as a security deposit will be charged.





Registration Procedures




Registration Deposit

A participant’s place in the program may be reserved with a deposit of 50% of the registration fee and the balance will be due June 1st 2021. No equipment or uniforms will be issued to a participant until their balance is paid in full.  The 50% Registration Deposit is non-refundable.


Game jerseys are ordered in late June. Any child registered after the jerseys are ordered or with a balance due at the time of the jersey order, will not have their name pre-printed on the jersey. A late fee of $30.00 will be charged to these players in order to cover the cost of jersey lettering.



Necessary Forms

Each child must have the following forms on file prior to the first practice in order to participate in the program:


  • Completed Registration Form stating you have read and understand all waivers and code of conduct documents.
  • All new participants must have a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate on file.


These documents can also be emailed to , mailed to the PO Box notated below or turned into Tina Ridley prior to the first practice.


You will be notified either by phone, e-mail or US Mail of the equipment/uniform issue date(s) and practice dates.


Football practices are held at Indian Hill School in Round Lake Heights.  Cheer practice locations are held outdoors for the first month of practice and then will be moved indoors once school begins. Locations will be given to you by the head coach prior to the first indoor practice.  Only registered Spartan participates, coaches and team parents are permitted on the practice floor/field. No parents or siblings are permitted in the schools.
Please do not leave unregistered children unattended at the field. The RLSFCO and/or coaches cannot be responsible for siblings and/or other family members during practices or games. 
Parents must be at the practice location no less than 15 minutes prior to the end of practice. Families who are consistently late to pick up their children will be asked to stay during practice.

No Organizational transportation is provided to the games. Maps are provided for all away games on the league website ( and written directions will be provided in the weekly Chalk Talk.



All home games are played at Indian Hill School unless otherwise noted on the schedule.



All home games are played at Hart’s Hill unless notated on the schedule.



Our organization is volunteer-based. Every year, potential coaches complete applications that are reviewed on an individual basis by members of the Board of Directors.  Once a coach is approved, a background check is completed before they are authorized to coach. Additionally, our head coaches (and football asst coaches) are required to complete approved training sessions.



Transportation to and from practice and/or games is not provided by the organization.  Please keep in mind the coaches will not leave the practice or game site until all participants are picked up.  Consistent late pick up could result in fines or forfeiture of deposits. This fee is enforced by the organization and is at the coach’s discretion.  In the event of inclement weather please adjust your schedule accordingly to be close by in case practice is cancelled or shortened.

Parent Participation

The Spartan organization is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit program that relies on parent participation to be successful.  The organization’s philosophy is to offer the highest quality equipment, uniforms, playing facilities and coaching staff.  For us to be able to keep registration at an affordable cost to you we must raise the difference through fund-raising, concessions and merchandise. You will be notified by phone, mail or e-mail regarding the date of the mandatory parents meeting.



Volunteer Requirements

Parents need to play an active role in our volunteer-based program. The strength of the organization comes from the parents. Areas you will be asked to volunteer for:


  • Chain Gang:           Three people needed for each home game played.
  • Setup of Field:       We will need help in marking the field, along with set up of field markers.
  • Clean up:               We are required to clean the field at the end of the day.
  • Merchandise:         Help out at the booth selling Spartan merchandise
  • 50/50:                     Sell 50/50 tickets during the first half of the game
  • Concessions:         Set-up and serving of concessions



Volunteer Fee

Parent participation is crucial to the success of our programs. In an effort to increase the participation we have instituted a Volunteer Fee of $50 paid at time of registration. For each family registered in tackle football and sideline cheer we are requesting you volunteer three (3) hours of your time to help the program. There is a Volunteer Time Card that will need to be filled out by you and signed by a board member to receive your $50 refund. If three (3) hours are not achieved you will forfeit your fee.  Volunteer hours are to be completed during home games and/or other Spartan events that require parent participation to run smoothly. Please see your team mom for sign up times. Online sign ups will be available as game schedules are released. Volunteer time is first come, first serve. Volunteer hours must be completed by an adult.


Photographs and Videotapes

Children registered in the program may be photographed or videotaped while participating in a Round Lake Spartan Football and Cheerleading Organization. Use of photographs or videotapes may include, but is not limited to use on the Round Lake Spartans website, submission to the local newspapers, used in the year end yearbook or used at the year end awards ceremony. Such photos and videotapes will remain the property of the Round Lake Football and Cheerleading Organization. 

Supplementary Information

The Spartan Enrollment Packet contains an overview of the organization and its policies.  Questions pertaining to the Spartan Welcome Packet, any of the supplementary documentation (listed below), specific details or items not addressed by our Organization, please contact us at the phone number, postal address, or refer to our web site listed below.  If necessary please contact your child’s coach or and Round Lake Spartan Board Member for hard copies of these documents.


  • Standards of Conduct for Players and Cheerleaders
  • Parent’s Code of Ethics  
  • Participant waiver