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Registration Details:

·         Early Bird registration will open on November 1, 2018 until January 1, 2019

·         Normal registration will be open January 2, 2019 until July 15, 2019

·         Payers registered after June 1, 2019 are NOT guaranteed a name printed on your jersey.

·         Tackle players who register online will have first choice of jersey #. Jersey #’s are issued on a first come first serve basis. 


We will be holding three dates to complete the registration process. These dates are for players to be fitted for their jersey and pick up raffle tickets.  Coaches and Board Members will also be available to answer any questions you may have.  Dates will be announced in January 2019.


Birth Certificates:

All tackle players are required to submit a copy of their child’s birth certificate to   before they will be allowed to pick up equipment.

Birth certificates are not required for the flag or cheer program.  

7 years olds are accepted on an exception basis only  

* Volunteer fees are refunded after the completion of 3 volunteer hours 

* Registration fees will increase a minimum of $30 after 1/1/18. 



·         Flag Football:  Game jersey, shorts, and game socks

·         Tackle Football:  Game jersey and game socks will be issued to each player to keep at the end of the season. Helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, game socks, practice jersey, and practice pants will be loaned to the player for the season. Each player is required to give a $250 uniform deposit at the time of equipment pickup. 

·         Cheerleaders: Warmups, bloomers, bow and game socks will be issued to each cheerleader to keep at the end of the season.  Uniforms will be issued to the cheerleader and returned at the end of the season. Each cheerleader is required to give a $250 uniform deposit at the time of equipment pickup. 

·         Mandatory Fundraiser:  When you sell the raffle tickets you'll keep the money and turn in the stubs for the drawing on Corn and Brat. You will keep the money for the raffle tickets you sell. The stubs will be turned in beginning 8/1/19. Winners will not need to be present to win.  

·         Volunteer Fees-Each family is charged a $50 volunteer fee. Upon the completion of 3 hours of volunteer time, the volunteer fee will be refunded.

Payment Options:

If you register online, you have the option of a payment plan with a $50 deposit. All payments are to be completed by 6/30/19. Payments will be based on the number of months between registration date and June 2019.

Registrations completed prior to 1/1/18 will have the option of payment in full or a monthly payment plan which will require a $1.00 deposit. Final payment is due by 6/30/19.


Required Deposits:

·         Equipment Deposit:  $250.00 deposit will be required for each tackle football player/cheerleader. This card is not charged and the number will be returned back to the parent at the end of the season when all uniforms/equipment are returned. Equipment will not be handed out until the deposit has been received. In addition, we will need all registration fees paid and a copy of your child’s birth certificate (tackle football only) before we will issue equipment.  

·         Equipment deposits are not collected for Flag Football or the Spring program.


We are aware that issues come up and there is a need for a player to drop from our programs.

Registration Fees 
1. Drops prior to 7/23/19-100% refund of registration fees paid.  If you are a tackle football player and we’ve already ordered jerseys we'll subtract the $50 for the jersey from your refund.  If you are a cheerleader and we have already ordered your warm up, we’ll subtract $60.00 from your refund.

2. No refunds after 7/23/19

Fundraiser Fees
Refunds will be issued on raffle tickets if they are returned prior to 7/23/19



Spring program-practice will begin at the end of March 2019. The season typically ends at the end of May.  

Cheerleading-practice will begin at the end of July. Typically, cheer practices 2 nights per week from 6-8pm at Indian Hill. Practice schedules will be announced closer to the season. 

Tackle football- practice will begin on Monday 7/22 from 6-8pm at Indian Hill. For the first 2 weeks, practice will take place M-F. Beginning week 3, practices will be 3 nights per week from 6-8pm.  Practice schedule will be announced closer to the season. 

Flag football-practice will begin the week of 7/22 at Indian Hill. Practice will be held two nights per week. Practice schedule will be announced closer to the season. 



All tackle games are scheduled by the TCYFL. Game schedules will be announced at the end of August.  Games will be played on either Saturday or Sunday.

All flag games are played on Saturday. Schedules will be released in early August. 

Cheer- cheerleaders will cheer for tackle games.  Schedule will be announced at the end of August.