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Spartan Football

The Round Lake Spartans provide organized Flag and Tackle football for players in the greater Round Lake area. Our tackle program joined The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) in 2009.

Our tackle program serves players in the K through 8th grades primarily located in district 116. Our goal is to develop better players and citizens with all our tackle squads. As a member of the TCYFL, all of our tackle programs have half their games at home, and travel for the other half. As the TCYFL has grown, the number of local member communities has also grown, allowing games to be scheduled with communities like Vernon Hills, Grayslake, Antioch, McHenry, Fox Lake, and more.

As part of TCYFL’s commitment to build stronger programs for the entire region, the TCYFL strongly encourages athletes to play for the program that is within their home boundary. For more information about our programs, see below.


Flag football is open to boys and girls ages 4-8. There are two practices a week with games on Saturday. We partner with Lakes, Johnsburg, Fox Lake, Mundelein and Antioch to form a flag league.  

Registration cost for the Flag program is $185.00  

There are six levels of play based on a combination of the player’s age and weight. Within each level there are two divisions: PAC 10 and Big 10. The number of Divisions we will compete in is based on the number of teams we field in a given year.

Registration cost for the tackle program includes $60 in mandatory fundraising and $50 volunteer fee. 

Practices will begin mid July 2022. For the first 2 weeks of the season, practice will be M-F from 6-8pm at Indian Hill School.  After week 2, practice will be 3 nights per week from 6-8pm. Games will be held on either Saturday or Sunday. Schedule is completed by the TCYFL and will be announced closer to the season. 

The 6 levels are defined as follows:
- Bantam
- Featherweight
- Middleweight
- Lightweight

- Varsity 

The Divisions of play in TCYFL Are:
Big 10
The Big 10 emphasizes on competition at a high level, and include each Member Community’s best and most capable players at each level, drafted to teams prior to drafts for MAC 10 and Pac 10. It is the TCYFL’s intent to provide all Big 10 and Mid 10 players a reasonable playing time opportunity in each game (except for illness, injury, disciplinary
reason, etc.)

Pac 10
The Pac 10 emphasizes instruction, development and participation. Pac 10 teams are composed of players not participating in the Big 10, or MAC 10.

Maximum Ages
The ages stated for each level (Schedule H) are the maximum ages allowed for the respective levels determined using the player’s age as of September 1 of the playing year.

Maximum Weights
The weights stated for each level (Schedule H) are the maximum weights allowed for the respective levels, including allowances for required clothing and weekly weight gain.

Player Participation in Games
The TCYFL strongly recommends that each eligible team player participate in each game for at least one full quarter.
Please see the TCYFL Age and Weight Parameters for more information.

As part of the registration fees, players will be provided with a helmet, shoulder pads, thigh and knee pads as well as a set of game and practice pants and jersey. A $250.00 uniform deposit is required before equipment can be issued. Generally, this is a credit card number which is not charged unless the equipment is not returned at the end of the season.  All football players will be required to purchase an athletic supporter/cup, girdle/girdle pads, shoes and a colored mouth guard. Purchase of a neck brace/collar is optional. All equipment, pants and practice jerseys are property of the Round Lake Spartan Organization and must be returned in good condition at the end of the season.